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I confess: I like Facebook!

Well, I hate the fact that I cannot share everything I want to share as I do not know where it will end up. But: It is convenient. On the one hand I can get in contact with almost everybody I want to. On the second hand I stay tuned. In former times (when I was a little girl, the internet was not widespread and a telephone call cost a fortune) it was difficult to keep in touch with friends that e. g. moved.

Nowadays you just add them on Facebook and even if the personal tie breaks, you are still able to stay in the loop about those people. So: Facebook supports us in being idle! BUT: social media supplements personal communication… it does not replace it! Never forget this!!!

For companies this rule is valid only partly. Every Customer Relationship Manager tells you that a customer who is still willing to call the companie’s hotline (a telephone call that still can cost a fortune) can be rewon. But what to do with people who are so extremly pissed that they are not willing anymore to call the support? In WWGD sauna-loving Jeff Jarvis already gave the answer: Observe the internet! “Listen” to what your (ex-)customers are “saying”! Better: Read what your (ex-)customers are writing! For many customers the internet is the last instance to express their anger. I am convinced that this is a chance for companies.

Well, I guess not many companies have heard about WWGD – much less read it. I have got the impression that only a few companies understood that the internet and especially social media enables them to interact with their customers. So my advice: If you/ your company uses social media (Facebook fanpages, Twitter etc.) to read only, if you are not willing to react on comments made by your customers, quit your social media activities. This ignorance annoys your customers even more.


Written by Stephanie Werner

January 23, 2011 at 10:16 am

Posted in Social Media

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