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– spicy pasta, cool beer and even cooler champagne –

On Monday, Jan 24th, 9p.m.

The Free Identity Foundation will develop and implement open standards for identity management. TCP/IP was for computers; we now need TCP/ID for people.

To this goal, the Free Identity Foundation cordially invites DLD participants to join us for an evening with like-minded people. (register online)

l33tm33t Brussels

On Saturday, Feb 5th, 8p.m.

l33tm33t @ FOSDEM – where people meet to discuss, define and exchange info on decentralized solutions for the future. Based on projects like oStatus, Ushahidi, FREEdentity, Thimbl, Diaspora we all agree that the future of communication, digital life and meatspace is going to be decentralized.

At l33tm33t we want to bring together the architects, hackers and users of the upcoming decentralized world. (register online)


Written by Stephanie Werner

January 23, 2011 at 6:59 pm

Posted in Events, freedentity

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