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“Cambio! #dld paulo coelho says for first time I didn’t promote my new book by interviews but only by twitter and fb: this made it#1 at once” (jpiedrahita) or something like that I read quite often on Twitter and Facebook yesterday. (Seems like there are almost no at DLD or at least they do not (want) to talk about it.)

But now back to Coelho: WOW!!! That is soooooo amazing!!! Welcome to the 21st century! That is exactly what experts call social media marketing.

I agree: The fact that the book was only promoted via Twitter and Facebook sounds quite fascinating. But people often forget that also the traditional media writes about “campagnes” like that – and the impact may not be underestimated.

But hello! The fact that social media is a nice tool for marketing – under certain conditions – is known for several years now. If this would have been said at DLD05 I would have understood your enthusiasm. Well, probably that is why DLD is so successful: organisators and participants are just on the same wavelength!


Written by Stephanie Werner

January 24, 2011 at 9:07 am

Posted in Social Media

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