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Corporate Use of Microblogging

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Employee motivation is crucial for the success of change management projects while
communication plays an important role regarding the motivation of employees.
But traditional communication methods do not meet the companies demands anymore. As
companies get more complex and more global, tools are needed that smooth out or even remove
hierarchical and geographical borders. Tools that enable employees to participate in the corporate
culture local as well as remotely, to discuss business-related topics and to build up new
relationships, create social networks and distribute information.
The beginning of the era of Web 2.0 provided this opportunities in the peoples personal lives.
Gradually also companies started to adopt Web 2.0 tools for business purposes.
One of these tools is microblogging: at first companies used microblogging as an advertising tool,
then they recognized that it can also be used for internal purposes. Today it is predominantly used
by early adaptors to reduce the email overflow as well as to exchange business-related information
but also to discuss internal ideas and innovations.
How far does microblogging effect internal communication?
Does microblogging also effect employee motivation?
Is an internal microblogging instance suited for the targeted communication in scope of change
management projects?

A couple of month ago I wrote a short essay about “Microblogging and its Impact on Change Management” in scope of my studies. “Corporate Use of Microblogging” is an excerpt of this paper.

I have to add that also the third company got back on me, but yet I haven’t had time to add its answers. (Shame on me!)

Corporate Use of Microblogging (pdf)


Written by Stephanie Werner

April 2, 2011 at 9:53 am

Posted in Social Media

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