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Done! The Impact of Microblogging on Corporate Communication

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One of the most powerful tools to enhance employee morale, promote transparency and reduce attrition is effective internal communication – while ineffective communication leads to the spread of rumors, disillusionment of the employees and a gradual destruction of the brand image.

Effective communication not only provides information but also stimulates the employees‘ feedback to the top management and encourages sharing – if corporate culture allows it. Thus by enhancing internal communication on the one hand the organization‘s goals are driven and supported and on the other hand morale and motivation of the employees is risen.

And communication seems to become even more important as we are standing in the middle of a silent revolution.

Recent political developments, like the protests in Egypt or Stuttgart 21 in Germany, showed that people/citizens want to be involved in the decision making process and are ready to demonstrate their opposition if they are not.

But also the expectations of employees are changing: Generation Y is the fastest growing segment of today‘s workforce. This generation is increasingly familiar with “new“ technologies and media as most of them grew up with computers and mobile phone. But thus not only their communication habits changed. To the members of Generation Y it is more important to have meaningful work, involvement and to be kept in the loop as just having high pay.

This social tendency shows that there is a need for companies to deepen the dialogue with their employees.

Recently I finished my bachelor thesis “The Impact of Microblogging on Corporate Communication”. Finally! And then, on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 THE day had come: I handed the thesis over to Prof. Dr. Holger Günzel. (May he have mercy!)

Therefore I don’t want to deprive you of it anymore. The version you find here is slightly changed as the rights of some pictures weren’t clear.


Written by Stephanie Werner

July 8, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Posted in Social Media

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